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GigOnyx GEMô Overview

The GigOnyx GEMô system starts with a complete image of all hard drive partitions of the server and workstations via an agent, which is warehoused on the Network Attached Storage Unit (NAS) physically located at the client location. The data is stored to the NAS and to the client's private cloud using AES-256 bit encryption and compressed.

Block-level-not file-level-backup, is employed. Therefore, data is captured at the level of 1's and 0's. Block level data is raw data which does not have a file structure imposed on it.

Database applications such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server transfer data in blocks. Block transfer is the most efficient way to write to disk, and it is much less prone to errors than those that result from file-level backups. Additionally, block level backups are not affected by open files or open databases. The block-level image is an exact digital duplicate of the on-site server, and workstations can also be duplicated to the NAS with the on-site server.