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Secure Remote Storage

After acquiring a complete image of the server and workstations to which it is attached, the NAS unit creates an encrypted tunnel and transmits the imaged data to a secure offsite private cloud location where it resides in an encrypted, compressed format.

Secure transmission of bit-for-bit data off-site enables continuity of client business through private cloud server functionality in the case of physical damage to the client's network or NAS, such as may occur with catastrophic loss from a natural disaster. Encrypted transmission of data between the NAS and the private cloud greatly reduces the risk of data loss incidents that plague physical tape and portable back-up devices while preventing man-in-the-middle attacks during transmission.

Automated frequency of incremental backups to the private cloud minimizes data backup corruption from human error, such as failure to rotate back-up tapes. Open software applications and databases do not affect the accuracy of backups with the GigOnyx GEMô, as they do in conventional backup systems.