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GigOnyx GEM™

In today's digital world, can your business survive without a simple, secure, and dependable back-up of your server? How accurate and safe is your current back-up system? If you're backing up to the Cloud, does your data storage meet regulations like HIPPA and GLBA? Are you using a tape back-up or portable hard drive that you-or someone you think you trust-carry off the business site at the end of every business day?

The GigOnyx GEM™ crushes these problems in a simple, automated, turn-key system that requires no more skills to install than the ability to dial a telephone.

We take a complete image of your server-and even attached workstations-on a portable hard drive shipped directly to you and sent back to us at our expense. We transfer that image and provide you with a pre-loaded network attached storage (NAS) unit that functions as a secondary server in the event of a network crash. Of course, we support the NAS that we provide, and we even monitor your system carefully through automated text alerts to your IT support team of many system problems. Since this image and the incremental back-ups that follow-as often as every 15 minutes-are done at the block level, we can help you restore your entire network-even preferences, software applications, and network settings-quickly and efficiently within minutes-not days or hours! This means that you don't lose valuable production time or critical data.

In other words, The GEM™ saves you money…a lot of money!

Consider these facts:
  • 70% of data back-ups are never checked for accuracy.
  • 30% of tested back-ups are corrupt.
  • Any back-up of server-based software applications will be corrupt-if even one workstation is running the back-up at the time of back-up.
  • Data recovery is often laborious, time consuming, and costly-and unpredictable!
  • Typical system recovery takes 24-72 hours-your business is interrupted for up to 3 days!
  • People are not perfect! Standard back-up systems risk data loss due to human error.